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Shopping with a Credit Card
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e-Collect Service Usage cases
STORY02 Shopping with a Debit Card. START
01 I'll run out of mineral water soon.
02 I need to order mineral water online as usual.
*You only have to wait for your package to be delivered to your home.
03 Then....
04 Hello! It's Sagawa Express.
05 Thank you for delivering such a heavy package.
06 You've selected payment by debit card. Is that correct?
07 Yes, I want to pay by debit card.
*Please check that you have sufficient funds in your account first.
08 OK, please confirm the amount.
09 That's OK. That's the right amount.
10 Please enter your account PIN.
11 It's the same as using the bank's ATM.
*The sales driver never sees you entering your PIN!
12 I want to record this expenditure in my accounts. Could I have a receipt?
13 Sure! Here you are.
14 Thanks, that's a big help.
*Sagawa Express will issue a receipt on behalf of the store.
Shopping with a Credit Card Shopping with Cash
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